Static IP address on OSMC

The standard place on Linux for the network configuration is /etc/network/interfaces , but OSMC uses connman which is a lightweight network controller designed for embedded devices. Connman uses different files to the traditional Linux network configuration files. To define a static IP address one should create a config file in Continue Reading →

SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) subscription jobs

Anyone who have worked with reporting services have run into the problem of a report subscription not executing a report correctly and the usual response is “how do I re-run this report”. For the novice, we know that all the subscriptions are actual jobs under SQL Server Agent on SQL Continue Reading →

Database Deployment Scripts

Many of us as part of our daily job perform database deployments. It is imperative that organizations implement adequate change management procedures to ensure programmers do not make changes directly into the databases of the production environment without first properly justifying the value of this change and testing their change Continue Reading →