Two years ago I was a dropbox advocate, one year ago I said forget dropbox, google drive is the way to go, now i’m blown away by Bittorrent Sync. Now don’t get me wrong these incumbent technologies are still useful and is in no way phased out but bittorent sync is nascent, raises the bar and will affect our paradigm of file syncing in a significant manner while being very timely in light of net neutrality and all the supposed NSA spying going on.

First allow me to explain what bittorent sync is and why I believe it’s the future of sharing. Bittorrent sync is built on the trusted and well known P2P bittorrent technology that allows users to sync files between their storage devices along with create private sharing networks between friends. So imagine all your images on your phone being synced back to a folder on your computer and your NAS device at home, all done securely (encrypted) over the wire, with no cloud access or unknown man in the middle service. Cool huh! But it gets better, you can share with others via email, QR code or link, and they are either prompted o accept for the data to commence syncing or download bittorrent sync. You can read more on btsync or download it here

Here are some videos on the same topic:

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  1. BitTorrentSync when compared to Google drive n Dropbox is like comparing oranges n tangerines; they’re both citrus and are very similar but they’re also still very different and one can’t replace the other. Btsync does just that and only that, sync. Dropbox n Google drive gave you additional storage; Dropbox gave you that and a pretty neat sync. So I’m not sold.

    1. Correct, different use cases and especially google drive allows you to do more than just sync, it’s also a full office suite. But btsync can easily replace Dropbox as the only advantage Dropbox has is a cloud storage option, but as of this comment btsync now offers the same at a cost. But also keep in mind btsync’s USP is annomity, you can sync files between your devices fro free securely with no throttling.

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