The Ministry of Foreign Affairs needed was desirous in implementing an automatic process for Nationals who are applying for “Returning Nationals Status” which would allow them concessions provided under Law and facilitated via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This was done currently using physical or downloadable pdf forms. To reduce the repetitive and arduous process of form submission and internally increase the service levels to customers an online process was envisioned. This was at the basis of the BNP project. This tool allowed users externally to access an online multipart form and signup for returning status. The external form was a major part of the process that required very user friendly interface that would guide the user through the 6 parts of the form while mitigating as many inconsistencies, false positives or errors.

The project was a collaboration between myself and Cinco - an IT consultancy domiciled in the UK, they hosted the application while I was the primary developer. It was built on a LAMP stack using the CakePHP framework. Here are some highlights of the various parts of the application.